Sunday, July 10, 2011

kahimi karie






kahimi karie is a japanese french pop singer from the 90s. i used to listen to her a bit in high school and i love her playful 90s vibe i think she's having a comeback so i'm going to check out her new stuff but i love her simple songs like 'i am a kitten' or 'le roi soleil' below.

i also found her cover for the chibi maruko chan song!

seriously beyonce? she's done it again.
she makes such a graceful bride and is totes gorge as usual.
her lingerie looks classy, i want a piece like that!
her tiara + veil were perfect and her hair was effortlessly beautiful
i don't love the wedding dress but her reception dress is SO pretty! i want.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what i'm into lately

all from my tumblr:

liquid liner cat eyes, which will balance and femme up my...

new haircut! i chopped a good amount off and have a shorter bob now. i'm still figuring out how to maintain it.

a big reason i got this haircut is because we're going to new york in 3 weeks (!!!) and i wanted something low maintenance that will be good for the heat.

i have also been trying to get nice warm weather clothes. our summers in san francisco leave me completely unprepared to face a real summer somewhere else. the bottom two pictures are from Lover the label's SS 2011 collection.

Monday, April 18, 2011


this whole braids thing isn't anything new but it's still inspiring to look at, especially while i anticipate hot weather that won't ever come to san francisco. the pictures that i have the most of on my computer are of kitties and braids. unfortunately i can't credit most of these since they've been collected over the past couple of years but the last one is from vanessa jackman!

i have seven papers/tests to do within the next month until the semester is over. i've never been so overwhelmed with school or so excited that the summer is coming up. in my free time, i've been planning our new york trip in june. we're going to be there for six days so i'm trying to plan my wardrobe smartly.

some ideas

t by alexander wang
dries van noten
need supply




rodarte for oc





Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the other half of this blog

my lovely heidi. her presence will be very strong throughout entries, mostly because we share so much in common! heidi and i both love cheese, bread, custard, nice shoes (for heidi to sit in, for me to wear), being under the sun, burt's bees chapstick and sleeping together.

well well well

everyone knows about these adorbs pictures for boy by band of outsider's spring 2011 campaign

out of all the places to be in southern california this past weekend that is where we went with bozu's cute parents and it was TMTH with fun

awkward that we took hipstamatic pictures here too...